Why You Should Share Your Story


Why You Should Share Your Story


So Im going to share a very personal story today…because it was Yet Another breakthrough for me…which are coming fast and furious…


If you’ve read my blogs..you will know that I have been through a tough time lately…losing my fur baby 6 months ago now (OMG where as the time gone??!!).


You may also have read that I went to the doctors because I was feeling so low and she suggested going on anti-depressants, which I really didn’t want to do.

I have been on them before and I didn’t like the side effects..so its a personal decision for me (not saying anyone else should not use them if they feel they are necessary).

Why You Should Share Your Story

For a long time I have been “Open’ to various forms of ‘healing’, yes even though I'm an Ex Nurse, Im still ‘Open’ to all avenues of healing…


So yesterday, I took myself to see a Homeopath….


Just like when you go to the Doctors, the ‘healer’ asks you to tell you ‘what the problem is’ but as it was my first time - I had to share with her ‘ALL my history’…


I told her about my visit to the doctors and being advised to go on ‘medication’, and how I didn't want to do that..so I had looked at other options....the Homeopath being one of them.....

So she said ‘so where has all this emotion come from?

Initially I thought 'what do you mean 'where has All this emotion come from?'...and then I had an 'AHA' moment....

It was like I was talking to myself 'Helen, you've been through sooo much, you are allowed to be emotional'......

I had shared one of my stories at Toast Masters a couple of weeks ago and got such feedback as'

you’ve had such a tough life'

'you are doing really well',

'good on you for sharing’

which made me laugh as that story was just one of many challenges I have been through.....and again it made me think 'OMG Helen, you have been through so much'

This feedback as well as talking to the healer about my life, made me realise just how much I have been through..and how much stronger I am; and whilst I am emotional now - I know Im getting stronger and stronger through each challenge I face…

Why You Should Share Your Story

So there I was last night talking to the healer about my challenges……

The more I talked, the more I had an AHA moment and we shared a kind of ‘knowing glance’


I realised that the ‘emotions’ I am feeling now, are like ‘pent up’ emotions for Everything I have been through in my life….. the bullying, the bereavements, the challenges I’ve been through as a single parent…… It Really was cathartic and for the first time I found myself telling myself and in fact, telling the healer  “I’ve really done very well’…..in fact ‘Im doing very well’….

Now don't get me wrong, yes I am telling myself how well I've done and thats Absolutely fine, as we tend to do the Opposite and beat ourselves up, so for me thats yet Another breakthough!

I have also helped myself by Immersing myself in Empowering material…including Louse Hay ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ and have noticed that some of the health issues I have  e.g partial deafness is from ‘not feeling heard’ which is something I used to feel, however due to my own Personal Growth, I don’t feel like that any more - because I feel I have so much to share..and I know that people Want to hear what I have to say….

So Why am I sharing this with you....?

Because I want You To Know - how much 'sharing your story' 'getting out of your comfort' zone, Can and Will Help You as well as others who hear your story.....

As I said in the video above, I was sharing one of my stories (the same one here)..with my colleague and he said 'wow so many people will relate to your story, you should write a book'....(food for thought huh)

We don't share our stories - to 'Tell Everyone'...but to Inspire People....

I started doing videos several of years ago, and at first it was Really scary...in fact if you look back at one of my first videos, you can actually see how bad I was!! :)..but as I've grown and my mindset about my videos has changed. 

I know that Im helping people by sharing my stories, about being a single parent and going through the various challenges I go through - Im inspiring others..and to me thats empowering and its my purpose !

So would you like to share your story/inspire others AND get paid...

Then check us out here.....




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Happiness….What Stops You From Being Happy?

This may come as a bit of a shock....are you ready?

are you sitting down?

YOU DO....yes....'fraid so....Just You...

I heard this question asked the other day, so I felt compelled to share  my thoughts on happiness….

Happiness is a state of Mind - we All know this..or do we?

Happiness….What Stops You From Being Happy? 


Yes - sometimes a tough pill to swallow…..

We ALL have a Choice about whether to be happy or sad….

And Before you say ‘well I don’t have much money, or I don’t have this or I don’t have that’…

Happiness is gained by Focusing on What We Do Have….

So what do YOU have?

Did you have a good night's sleep last night?

Did you hear the birds sing?

Do you have a loving family?

Do you have food in the fridge?

Look at Nick Vujicic or Sean Stephenson…..

Despite their difficulties they still travel the world inspiring others….

So the next time you feel less than happy, I suggest you do some things

Happiness….What Stops You From Being Happy?

1. Watch this video

2. Start Dancing to it

3. Watch the Second Video where Pharrell Williams get upset when he sees how much joy his record has bought to Millions of people…..

Isn't it amazing the impact he has on all those people...and his reaction to this?

This is what makes my heart Sing too....

Do you know - that Most people Want to Make Other People happy...

"I love what I do and people believed in me for so long and I made it to this point to feel that'....

Pharrell Williams...

There is Nothing Better in this World than to Make Other's Happy......

You Just need to find a way to do it....and Believe me..when you start making others happy - You will have So Much Joy Yourself....

Join us and Start Making Other People happy and in turn making You Happy...



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How To Become Wealthy in 2014


How To Become Wealthy in 2014

Wow what a morning I had this morning....

It was one of those days where I just 'happened' on some great calls to listen to...

No I know things just don't 'happen'..I was Meant to be on these calls....

The first one was an interview with John Lee

here are some of the tips I got from this call, but please watch it yourself below

Just do it

Job = just over broke

You put up with things or you change it

Rich list…find people who are wealthy and copy whtat they do

All the people who are wealthy, they all made money in real esate

Challenges are good things…

When you realise this – its sooo empowering

You have to be a problem solver

Its Not get rich quick. Its get rich forever

Everyone has to take the stair case

You can do the right thing or the right thing wrong

Never a lack of money just a lack of creativity

Education yourself, get a mentor take action

Human intervention,You find a way to screw it up

You don’t know what you don't know..

More coaches and mentors

The more coaches and mentors you have the better your life will become...

Write down people who are red lighters - discourages

Green lighters – encourages

Making some changes

A friend of John's has a message on his phone which goes something like this...

I am making some changes in my life, if I don’t get back to you, your one of the changes’

You can never fail if you never give up…

How you feel dictates what you do

Actions dictate determine whether your successful.

We often fail because we are afraid of three things;




Failure is part of success, you cannot succeed unless you fail

Michael Jordan – is the best because he failed thousands of times

You can never fail if you never give up

Most people who are unsuccessful…they are invisible

its Not Who You Know - It's Who knows you…

The person with the most eyeballs wins

Get exposure

Success is preparation meets opportunity


So what are you waiting for...

You a Green Light or Red Light..you going to let the green or red lights lead you..

Do you want to change your Life?

Then click here NOW...

We are waiting for you to Transform Your Life




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Need A Reason To Party? 

Yes this lady is a Doctor

She was about to have Bilateral (thats both sides) Mastectomy

So she wanted to party with her friends before the surgery..

What a great dancer she is too...

I both laughed and cried watching this...

So inspiring/so empowering....

what do you think...

Want to share things that inspire you?

Want to inspire other people?

Want to Share your experiences?

Then click here and get on board...

We can't wait to have you..



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Don’t Beat Yourself Up



Don’t Beat Yourself Up


I had an Extremely busy week last week


I over booked myself - no doubt about it….


I have decided to get out of the house and do a contract job for a few weeks AS well as running my business in the evenings  

Yes Crazy I know - but I Alway love a challenge…


On Top of This I have just started Toast Masters


Plus I do my Exercise, Bikram twice a week

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Come Friday - I was Absolutely shattered…..


I fell asleep on Friday evening, telling myself ‘I will be fresh tomorrow and Really get cracking’…


But Saturday came and I was STILL exhausted…..


I spent much of the day working in bed…..made myself get up and do the Grocery shop as well as go to Bikram on Saturday afternoon….


Saturday evening - I knew I would not be up for anything so I had a quiet night…


Sunday - I decided to do something for myself - and I took myself to ‘the dogs’….


I walk dogs on a Sunday for a ‘local’ Animal Sanctuary for a couple  of hours…this was Just wonderful….


It was like being on holiday for two hours - the weather was so different, even though its only an hour’s drive from where I live…I gave the dogs love and they gave it back to me in droves…:)

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

I returned home - feeling Exhausted again - I was starting to think ‘whats Wrong with me’….


I knew these sorts of questions were not good for me so instead I asked

‘what Can I do’….the answer came back loud and Clear




so I confess, thats just what I did - I slept for much of the rest of the day……


I didn’t beat myself up about it - I just told myself ‘If your not feeling great, you can’t possibly be at your best so just do what you need to do’ and that was ‘Sleep’


I woke this morning - Feeling So much better…..


Very often we are so quick to Judge ourselves…

’I have to do this’….’I have to do that’.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

No You Don’t…

You HAVE to take care of yourself and remember

‘there is Always tomorrow’…..


I am So glad I listened to my body.


I KNOW that was the right thing to do…


A few months ago,

 a few years ago -

I would have been beating myself up about it…


No Longer....


How Much I have learnt….

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

If you would like to learn how to improve your life

how to inspire yourself

how to achieve the success you strive for

then check in with us here...

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