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5 Simple Strategies to Get through Challenges | With Tony Robbins

Life is Not About Me – Its About WE…

Secret to Living is Giving

Give Give Give…

Sarita D Klees | Bust to $230,000 | with Passion and the Law of Attraction

Sarita D Klees – Bust to $230,000 – with Passion and the Law of Attraction

This amazing woman has been inspiring me for years…and now shes on this call… Sarita D Klees, shares how she achieved $230,00 with Passion and the Law of Attraction

I was fortunate enough to meet her a year or so ago after Interviewing her a while back..

Read and watch my interview with Sarita here..

The Power of Persistence – From Bust to $51,000

Helen Lingard

Shes gone through Huge challenges….

And Still Rising as they say Like a Phoenix through the ashes…

She is Such a great example of someone Not letting

Get You down

She and her Fiancee were Really in a bad way.. I remember her telling me, she used to dread going to the letter box for fear of the bills that were there that they just couldn’t afford….

they have two children to support

it was go back to work – which she really didn’t want to do…with two children…

so what was she to do?

What No One Told You About The Law of Attraction | How To Master The Law of Attraction

What people don’t understand and I agree this can be a hard one to get your head around…

Its a bit like how people go to Church on a Sunday, but the rest of the week.. they are not nice people….

Whats The Lesson I can Learn From This Relationship

Whats The Lesson I can Learn From This Relationship

This is something i’ve known for some time… that there is a Lesson to learn from Every Relationship…

Every Challenge…

whether thats a situation

… or a person…

There is a Lesson to Learn, A Message for Us

Hank Klinger | The Tattooed Traveller | Empower Hour

We lift teach other up

We Support Each other – just as Hank Klinger Says in this call…

We Believe in Each Other..

We are a Heart Based Community – We Are Making A Difference….

What Is The Biggest | Toughest | Challenge of Your Life

This was such a Aha Moment for me…

I have been listening to Gary Vaynurchuck –

Ask Gary V… excellent book – he shares many good things but one

10 Questions | Why I Just Love Travel | and How Do You Travel?

So I confess I have pinched this from my friend Anthony’s travel blog

..and Im not a ‘traveller’ per Se.., however thats not to say I’m not one..

I LOVE travel…

but No Im not continually on the road

… I have, however moved from the UK to New Zealand and back again a couple of times at least…

So here is this question and Answer… about My Travelling.. My life, my challenges,

Guest Post | with Wayne Dyer | How We Miss You

I was introduced to Wayne Dyer – oooh some 5 years ago maybe…

I have to say I didn’t completely take to him..

Im not a relgious person – and Wayne is…

a Thoroughly religious man with ‘utterings’ of God… throughout your books…

However, once I got passed that – I just Loved his work….

Lets Spread the Good News | What You Look For You Will Find

In a world, especially currently that ‘seems’ a world gone crazy…

I know what its like…

I Avoid the news..

then I saw a friends post about being ‘disgusted’

……and I was compelled to look up what he was talking about…