Are You Contemplating The Conditions You Want...

I have followed Wayne Dyer for a number of years

To be honest I was a bit put off him at first, because he mentions God a lot and I'm not relgious, I'm more 'spiritual' :) however once you get over that, he is hits the spot, as my dad used to say,  he is also very entertaining...and that makes both reading his work and watching him entertaining and much easier to take in.

The Power of Intention is No Less.

I was recommended to read this book by one of my wonderful friends and Mentor Erica Udeanu...I orderd the book but whilst waiting for it to arrive, I got on youtube.

Not only will it lift you up but he does it in such an entertaining way its easy to learn.

Are you looking for ways to be offended? is just one example..

What are focussing on?

'whats wrong, is she looking at me, is she talking to me? what did I do?' why did he talk to me like that?

Yeh sound familiar? :)

He tells a very amusing story about this daughter, who is

trying to get a band together....

As well as a exercise with his son regards Muscle testing...

Watch and enjoy

its quite long but Oh so worth it!


Are You Contemplating The Conditions You Need

The Power of Intention

Want more for others than you want for yourself
Whatever you seek, want it more for others
Think from the end..begin to see yourself surrounded by the people, events and things you want - see yourself as the You you want to be, with the things you desire...
Be an Appreciator in your life, look for that, that is valuable rather than worthless
Stay in rapport with source Energy….Be in A State of Harmony (what do I want)
Resistance..every unkind thought/fear/depression - all resistance to source
Contemplate yourself surrounded by what you want…. you are One with it
Understand the Art of Allowing…take the path of least resistance…
Every time you have a thought that has resistance in it, you have created an ‘absence’ of allowing..
Practice radical humility
Be in a constant state of Gratitude
Generous and Grateful
You Can Never Resolve a problem whilst condemning it
Play the Match Game..Always ask ‘am I matched up with the field of Intention’

Quite amazing huh....

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Ps watch the second part here..


How To Build Relationships On Facebook

Facebook is So huge, now, its the place to be whether you are in business or not...

So How do we build relationships on Facebook.

Firstly Treat people the same way on Facebook as you would in real life

Care about them

Get to know them

Lose any 'alterior' motive..ie wanting to get someone to join your business.

Make Friends

Comment on people's comments in your newsfeed

Find something that relates to you and comment on their field,

Likes are Ok - it's good to like people's comments but if you are seeking to increase interaction and get 'liked' by facebook 'robot's you need to more than 'like'.

Really 'engage' 'oh I really agree with that, here is what I did'

or 'Great post 'name', well said'.....

Facebook likes to see you 'interaction' so do it !

Spend 10 minutes in the morning and evening going through ALL your friends,

Scroll to the bottom if necessary and spend 10 minutes going through and commenting on your friends comments....

You will find that in 'minutes' people are on your page commenting and liking your content too.

Make Some New Friends every day...

Connect with Your friend's friends....

Connect with people you have something in common with ie go to Louise Hay and connect with someone there, check out their profile 'first' and then friend them.

Remember you can only friend about 10 people a day (sometimes less), unless you are friending friends of people you know, then you can do more...

Check their pages first, see if they are relevant to you.. and when you send your 'request' Ensure you send a Message too with some thing of Value in it..

 Do NOT send your business presentation immediately. Get to know them first and then when you find they have a problem THEN you can talk to them and see if they are 'Open'...

DO Not Leave your link on someone else's post - even if its appropriate.

Maybe you would not think of doing this, but some do....

Someone elses post is NOT the place to put your link.

When you see something you like on someone's page, download the photo yourself and post as your own - its carries more weight and simply 'sharing' theirs.

When you post something - Post an Image or a video with it - Far more Attractive to see.

Find People on Facebook you admire,

 follow or friend them and comment often on their feed - once again Valuable content.....

Post Videos to Facebook - Get our of your comfort Zone.....

Keep them short, until people know like and trust you and then you can do longer ones...

Share Value - Something You've been through, A Solution to a Problem...

Do A video a day...and Stick to it...Record multiple videos in one day and post them over the week, outside if possible...do something 'different'... to grab people's attention...

Before you do a post, video whatever ask yourself 'what do I want to get out of this post/video' etc....Asking questions is so under rated and you Will get answers..you will be inspired...:D

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How To OverCome Low Self Esteem and Change The World

This was the video that bought me to Sandy Leveque, a British/French lady who I was got to meet in Charlotte.  

I really identified with Sandy when I saw this video...

I too struggled with self esteem when I was younger, so Sandy being so vulnerable in this video, really struck a chord with me....

You would never know that the Sandy, that she talks about in this video is the same Sandy I interviewed below...

I am constantly amazed how so many young women struggle with self esteem when they are in fact gorgeous... (point above :))

I have been watching Sandy ever since and have seen her 'transform'

Excuse the beginning, we had some teething problems, but thats part of life,

making mistakes and getting up again and carrying on...

Sandy shares how she went from brook Zumba instructor to successful blogger inspiring people and well on her way to helping raise the 'poverty consciousness of the world' to one of abundance...

Sandy shares so many 'nuggets' on this hang out, its worth watching more than once and Take Notes!


Maybe you have some self esteem issues, I know I did until relatively recently

Perhaps you want to change the world.

Whatever your Desire or Passion, 

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Love Really is The Answer


Love Really is The Answer

Ok, so I've been having a tough time lately...and on Sunday I had an AHA moment which really kind of helped....

I had just dropped my son off at his dad's and was feeling rather sad...

As I returned home to my empty house, I realised that I was still missing Zoe, my fur baby who had passed away 8 months ago...

I've been having some personal challenges lately and with my grieve, they just knock me for six...

I went inside, fortunately I had organised with a wonderful friend to do a Reiki session,  long distance, quite incredible really but thats for another blog.

I fell asleep soon after.

Reiki is known for its healing properties and also along with that, it can bring things up...

The next morning, whilst I slept soundly I woke up feeling quite low again..but in a good way, this was the Reiki doing its healing work....

The Universe worked its magic and bought me two things....

Love Is Always The Answer

This makes me cry every time I see this. I have worked in a Retirement village, in fact I've worked in a few. These people, the elderly give so much during their life time and to see these young people talking to them is just beautiful....Love Really Is the Answer...

After watching this wonderful video, I took myself off to Huha and give some love to some dogs....

There is a school of thought, one which I firmly believe in, that what you ever need, what you feel is missing in your life, you need to give, so when you need love, you need to give it, both to yourself and others....

I drove up to Huha, its an hour's drive but so worth it - its out in nature...just beautiful. 

So I took three fur babies out walking.

Dogs are just amazing, we would stop on a little 'island' and give each other love....

Dogs love to have their ears 'massaged' and each one of these dogs would nuzzle into me, crawl onto my lap and just 'love me'...

Let me tell you, if I wasn't planning on doing more travelling I would easily take at least one of these dogs home with me in a heart beat.

So when your feeling down or just needing some love 

Go Give it because Love Really is The Answer.....

spend some time in a retirement home.

Their stories will amaze and astound you..

Go and walk some homeless dogs in a shelter

Go visit a lonely neighbour

Just go and Give Love...Give Hugs, people don't give enough hugs in this world and I for one just LOVE hugs...

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Me with my wonderful mother...

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How To Change Your Mindset in 90 Days

I write from my heart

I share from my heart. I share what has worked for me, in the hope it works for you too.

I have been going through a particularly bad time over the last 8 months since the love of my life, my fur baby aka my beautiful dog passed away after 14 years.

I was going down a dark path about a month after she had passed away,   I wanted to bring myself out of...without the need for anti-depressants....

I felt the worse I have for years, Really absolutely years..

I share here what I did to turn myself around...

This 90 days of ‘work’ helped me so I wanted to share…

So I 'immersed myself in books'

Psycho Cybernetics, Amazing book, really this is a Must read...

Science of Growing Rich - as is this!

The Go Giver…this too !! :)

Ralph Smart posts videos, in fact the videos he posts, I have noticed are from www.lifehack.org. he puts them in video format, clever huh...

Load books onto your phone, audio books and listen to them

NET..Tony Robbins….No Extra Time..in the car, at night going to bed, doing

housework..in your ear whenever you can.

Part of my business we have Mindset Training..

Empower Hour and so we listen

to that call every day – I cannot tell you the difference that makes…

The Mirror exercise

10 things you love about yourself

10 things you forgive yourself for

10 things your going to achieve this month

If you can't think of 10 things, thats Ok, think of 5 and build up..

You Do have 10 things to love about yourself - I assure you !

Write in your journal every day

Write our your achievements..

Celebrate your successes however small they are

Write in your journal….get your troubles out on paper…this does amazing things for you.

If you have people in your life who you have grievances with

Write a letter to them, tell them how much you love them but how they hurt you

Use Ho’oponno if you like ‘Im sorry I love you Please forgive me’

Exercise, if your not already excercising start now.

Find something that works for you..walking, running…gym bikram yoga

Turn off the news, stop reading the newspapers

Yes this is tough but believe me you’ll hear about any news believe me

You can’t do anything about the bad stuff,  but you can ‘pray’ send good thoughts

Send love. The sooner we realise as a collective people that WE can change the

world by loving more and  praying for peace the better..

Gratitude Log, write down every day what you have to be grateful for

And if like I was...If your going through a challenging time..

Do ALL of the above AND

Get out and meet people

Do things you love doing, walk, swim have a drink with friends….

You may think 'whats half of this got to do with Mindset?'

It ALL has, believe me....It All works together



Ps I'd love to hear how this works for you....

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