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Why Are You Being Selfish | When You Can Help So Many People

Why Are You Being Selfish – When You Can Help So Many People

Oh this video did make me sigh, back in Wellington (Im currently in the UK)

….Why Are You Being Selfish – When You Can Help So Many People

My house back in Wellington, New Zealand.. Summer sigh…

Anyway back onto Subject…

This is a Passion of mine…

Sharing Your Value – Sharing your Experiences, your Ups your Downs

… and How You Got through them..

Why? Because there are So many people…..

we Can Help By Sharing Our Stories, Our Challenges…

Why Failure is a Right of Passage to Success

Firstly – We All Struggle with ‘stuff’……

Read That Again.. We ALL Struggle… Everyone…

Personally, I’ve been through

Low Self Esteem



Single Parenthood….

Who Are You talking To? | Get Over Yourself

But lets say for these purposes,

its about Business.. and doing videos…Speaking engagements….

So watch the video and Ill catch you afterwards…

A $15K Leap Of Faith

To be honest, it scares the Bejuzus out of me

.. but hey if a girl can do a bungee jump, and more recently a sky dive, whats a mere $15,000??

The Absolute Best of Tony Robbins

If you focus on whats “missing in your life’…

If You Focus on what you can’t control…..

Focus on the Difference You Can Make…

They Either Like you or They Don’t | Terry Wogan

Two things stood out about him…

“Terry didn’t take life or himself too seriously’….

What a great lesson – the more you laugh at yourself and at life

What Stops You Taking That Leap of Faith | From New Zealand To South Wales

Taking that Leaf of Faith – in my case from New Zealand to South Wales…. is F… Scary…

I had been thinking about my ‘Leap of Faith’ for a few years….

Whats Your Biggest Regret? | What Would You Change

So whats Your Biggest Regret… Personally I don’t have regrets…

thats not to say I haven’t in the past… Oh boy have I had some…

Money Is Love | with Bentinho Massaro

once you start taking that leap of faith you

get addicted to being rebellious again your own beliefs systems