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They Either Like you or They Don’t | Terry Wogan

Two things stood out about him…

“Terry didn’t take life or himself too seriously’….

What a great lesson – the more you laugh at yourself and at life

What Stops You Taking That Leap of Faith | From New Zealand To South Wales

Taking that Leaf of Faith – in my case from New Zealand to South Wales…. is F… Scary…

I had been thinking about my ‘Leap of Faith’ for a few years….

Whats Your Biggest Regret? | What Would You Change

So whats Your Biggest Regret… Personally I don’t have regrets…

thats not to say I haven’t in the past… Oh boy have I had some…

Money Is Love | with Bentinho Massaro

once you start taking that leap of faith you

get addicted to being rebellious again your own beliefs systems

Why I joined Empower Network | A Transformational Community Disguised as a Business

I had previously been burnt by another company,

with an amazing community,

so was looking for another wonderful community….

I certainly found it here…

Money Doesn’t Buy You Happiness | With David Wood

Happiness, like all emotion, is controlled
by the focus of attention, not money.

Money is an inanimate object, like a hammer.

You can build a fortress with a hammer,
and bash someone’s head in with it, too.

How To Build A School in 3 Hours | With Taylor Conroy | How Can I Help?

How To Build a School in 3 Hours

I love Good News hence…How To Build a School in 3 Hours.

How The Law of Attraction works vs Law of Action | Lilou Mace and Jack Canfield

Take Responsibility for Your Life

Get In Touch with Your Life Purpose

Create a Vision – your ideal life, life, Career, Relationships..

Set Specific Measurable Goals…’I will weight X by 1 March 2016′

An Audience with Erica Udeanu | Leader In Empower Network

I caught up with Erica last year as one my first of a series of Talk with Helen Lingard.

Then I had the absolute pleasure to meet her recently at our event in Vegas…

This call was an interesting one, which went onto be a Fantastic call and Erica shared some great nuggets.