Who Are You Being


Who Are You Being

I have heard this so many times before I just HAD to do a video on this...

So who are you being?

Are you moaning/complaining about things all the time?

you feeling like a 'victim'?

Or are you being someone who is seen to be confident?

Someone that people come to for Inspiration?

Very often, Im told

'You are so strong and confident' 

Honestly, sometimes it makes me laugh..because at times .thats the last thing I feel like !!

So Who Are You Being?

Press Play and Watch the Video

sorry about the writing at the end, didn't realise it was 'live' lol

Enjoyed the video?

Feeling Inspired?  

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What Do You Want?  It Could Be Just  Outside Your Comfort Zone

So I did this hang out recently and I got some great feedback so I decided to turn it into a blog post too...

My name is Helen Lingard, I'm hale from South Wales Uk but now live in New Zealand… I'm many things ha ha, ( I laugh because I have been called many things lol 'awkward' 'wierd' strange etc...water off a ducks back these days !)

a single parent,

a blogger,  and

I'm passionate about helping people…

I grew up very shy, very introverted, low self esteem….got bullied etc..

I had goals to be a nurse, mum and travel the world..

I remember as I achieved all my goals I was so shocked ‘really I’ve achieved that’??? !!! 

I started to get more and more out of my comfort zone..

I travelled to New Zealand on a whim…yes I was supposed to go to Canada as a nanny and instead I met this guy and came to NZ instead…

That was right out of my comfort zone – by the time my partner and I had arrived in NZ – and I had No one here

we were not getting on

 so I had to get Out of My Comfort zone and meet people etc…

Then again 12 years ago, I had to do it again when my marriage broke up – no family here…and a lot of our friends didn’t know who to support so kind of went AWOL...…so once again I had to get out of my comfort zone and make friends again..


Whilst this stuff was horrendous to go though, I got through it and It helped me tremendously….

My dad was a very assertive man and he taught me to go for things…

just ask

My mum became that person later on in life….

So I have been ‘working’ on getting out of my comfort zone for ‘years’….

Then several years ago, I got in personal development…and that started to change everything…

This was me Just After my Sky Dive - Absolutely Buzzing!!

I started to read Empowering material…

I watched The Secret…

Now I read Empowering material every day

I mastermind/surround myself with Empowering people…

This is what you need to do to help you get out of your comfort zone AND achieve success/happeness


Often getting out of my comfort zone

means ‘accepting/realising’

that 'OK this job/life isn’t fulfilling me'

so what do I want…??

And Really asking those questions….

The more questions you ask the more you will get answered

And yes some of those answers – may scare you..but in order to achieve your full potential you really do have to take action and Get out of your comfort zone

Im not perfect far from! – whilst 20 odd years ago I did a bungy jump and then 3 years ago I did a sky dive – however there are other things that I need to get out of my comfort zone and yet for various reasons I am not…

But I have got out of my comfort zone and done videos..and I don’t care who sees them because I know Im helping others….


I will speak up when others won’t 

Because I care about people…


So Once Again What Do You Want?

I want to help people so I will do whatever I have to do to help people and if that means videos and speaking up – then so be it…


I’ve now joined Toast Masters…one of my goals – is to be a speaker…to travel the world inspiring people, people like me…

Single parents

People who have been bullied

The under dog – because I was there.

I remember one of my first meetings and they asked who was going to do their ‘ice breaker’ speech..and before I knew it I was saying “yes I will’…I was as shocked as everyone else…

You have a duty to get out

of your comfort zone and help people…


Whenever you think ‘Oh I can’t do that Video, or share my story or fill in the

blanks’ you have to remember your WHY…What you want to achieve by What Do You Want?  It Could Be Just  Outside Your Comfort Zone

so what are you waiting for… get on board NOW….

OR contact me on facebook and we will have a chat and see if this is right for you

If you are Already here..do Whatever it takes to achieve your goal..

What Do You Want?  It Could Be Just  Outside Your Comfort Zone

So I will see you on the other side....:)




How To Do Short Videos


How To Do Short Videos

I have spoken to a lot of people lately who say 

'Im so scared of being in front of the camera'.....

I totally understand that, I was too.  

If you google me and look hard enough you will find videos of me done a few years ago where I am sooo stiff and starchy,

its just not funny (well actually its hilarious!!)... Yes one of the great things my dad taught me 'Learn to laugh at yourself - makes life and doing videos sooo much easier !)

Firstly - We Have ALL been there - Yes I once heard how Robbie Williams still gets nervous going on stage....Really?? Yes...

However, like anything the more you do the more you get good at it...

I asked myself a little while ago, 

Why Are You Not Bothered By Turning on The Camera?

And I got the Answer 'Because I'm here to help people'

Knowing that  - I can Relax....

And Yes I've been there with the 

OMG what will my friends/family/ etc think'...

Well in all honesty, I have upset a lot of people from just being me (yes really!), ie speaking up when others wouldn't so Im kind of 'Over' the whole 'what will they think of me'

and besides as I say ..Im here to help people and I get enough people telling me how my message helped them/resonated with them, so Im happy with that... 

You Can't Please Everyone and Neither Should You Try...so Just Stop IT!

There are some simple ways to get over the 'shyness'

Have an idea of what you want to say, the point you want to get across...

What do I talk about?

A book you've read that you really liked..

A film you saw..

A conversation you had that you learnt something from

Something you did or someone did for you that really mattered...

I shared a video about how my neighbour came and did the lawns...

When you start, keep your video to 2-3 minutes...

You have only a few seconds at the beginning of your video to capture your audience's attention, and if you don't do that they will be gone..and you've lost them...

So what are you waiting for 

Just Do It -

Really Just put the video camera on and do it.

I Promise you - the more you do it - The Better and Easier It Gets

Haven't joined us yet??? What are you Waiting for? Come and Join this Community Of LIke Minded People, Changing The World, Have Fun and Make Great Money

Oh and Do Let me know how you get on...


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The Universe is Always Rewarding You


The Universe is Always Rewarding You

I just had to share some things that have happened to me lately - to SHOW you that The Universe/The Law Of Attraction Really is Always working....


After Doing this video, I had a few Aha moments and realized some amazing things...

I had forgotten -

A few days prior to my neighbour turning up with the Lawn Mower...

I had been thinking  'who can I get to do my lawns'..

I had even looked up  on the internet people to do my lawns....

and low behold my neighbour turns up to do them...

Then I  also remembered I had done some running round for people...a few days previously...

Always know that when you are kind, treat people as you would like, you WILL get it back....

I would love to hear what you have attracted to you that you have forgotten you had actually 'asked for' without realising. Perhaps you just had something going through your head....


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How To Edit Your Empower Blog


How To Edit Your Empower Blog

So here are some guidlines on writing your first blog....

There are Lots of Tips in the 15K product, which I suggest you go to this article, How To Attract Anything You Want and use the exercise there to attract the money if you don't already have it...

So in the below video I cover

How to Insert Images

How to Insert Your Capture Page

Basics about writing your blog

How To Edit Your Empower Blog

Remember to Add your Call To Action...

Your Name at the bottom

A picture of you at the bottom

and perhaps 'Connect with me On Facebook'...

Once you have All that....

How To Edit Your Empower Blog

Put your Keywords In, Decide Who is going to be able to read it..

Public, Team etc...

Put your 'except' in at the bottom and PUBLISH

To Publish - You have to Post to "PUBLIC' otherwise people won't see it and it can't be commented upon or Re Blogged....

or Save Draft.....(to finish later)

Once you have done ALL this...Then Syndicate it...

Facebook, (via Badasscontent or get a Domain name at Godadday.com)

Your Fan Page (if you have one)






There is more info on this once again in the 15k, go get it now!! 

Thats It,  RINSE AND REPEAT, Every Day...

Leave me your comments and what else you want to know....



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