Are You Making this Critical Mistake?

Don't 'Take No For An Answer


I have to say this used to be me...

I used to be someone who wouldn't say Bo to a Ghost...

I have memories of my father getting cross,

We were getting on the Ferry from the UK to France

and he wouldn't like the way they

were parking his car....

So for years I was very reluctant to be like that..

However as I got older, the worm changed...

At first - I used to be very aggressive with it -

I guess I followed my father...

It was the Only way he knew...

However after learning from the Likes of Tony Robbins...

I learnt about Aligning with People - ie "I appreciate you are really busy, however'

Apologising to people for disturbing them....

works soo much better than coming in Aggressive...

When You Go In Aggressive -

People Get Defensive and You Are not Going to get Anywhere....

Are You Making this Critical  Mistake?

Don't 'Take No For An Answer

So how do I got about Not Taking No For An Answer...?

you Just politely say "thanks for your response, I appreciate that, however I'd like to speak to your supervisor please'

and you keep asking, always politely until you get the answer you want..

If you don't - You again Politely tell them you are not happy and you expect better from them..

Still Keep your calm,the minute you lose your calm, you

Lose your Power - and hence You Lose!

I confess I have done this, saw everyone including my children in the shop

Scatter  lol - my children were gone...

but fortunately I have grown since then... and realise I don't have to behave this

way to get  my point across....

No not everyone will 'Come to the Party'...but Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained..

So I hope this helps you...

Its All About Attitude - Everything Is In Life...

You Go in With the Right Attitude

Appreciating where the other person is coming from....

I hope this helps you, please leave me a comment, share on facebook...

You would be amazed at how many people need to hear this..



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How To Find Your Happy Place


How To Find Your Happy Place

Ah yes thats one of my favourites.... walking along the beach at sunrise or Sunset... how can that Do Anything But leaving you feel happy and Peaceful

The other day I needed to go to my Happy Place

'One' of My Happy Places, which is HUHA...

So How Do you Find your Happy Place?  its  somewhere you can go, where you feel 'at peace'... for me its the beach or the countryside... or HUHA.. where I give and receive love from the 'fur babies' aka dogs...

Your Happy Place is about 'getting away from it all'

Re charging your batteries... 

Doing whatever you need to do to Revive...

Whilst I would strongly advice taking some time out - ie half a day or something, you can also find your 'happy place' in a 2-5 minute meditation..whilst sitting at the traffic lights... if you are that short of time...but in all honesty, if you are thats an even Bigger reason for taking time out.....

A short walk in the fresh air - even in the rain... They All Help...

Its About Walking away from whats bothering you leaving the anger behind

and just 'Embrace' the freedom...

Maybe plug in music you love, even an empwering book.... even a meditation as you walk....

Breathe properly, thats from your diaphragm not just from your chest

Really be in the Now... clear your mind or worries... just be Totally Where ever you are..

The other thing I do which isn't always my 'happy place', well it is 'After' but its quite a challenge 'during... and that is my bikram class...90 minutes of 'torture' as Bikram Choudary calls it...

However, I know from experience... if I've had a tough time... I Know that my 90 minutes of Bikram will help me...

So where is your happy place?

Maybe its the gym?

Spending time with your children...?

There are  no hard and fast rules about your 'Happy Place'

Just as Long as you feel 'Peace, Calm and Happy'

So tell me what is your happy place?

Oh and Of course Your Happy Place has to be laughing too! :) Life is Meant to be Fun...

Leave your comments below..

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When Intuition Comes Knocking On your Door 

Something quite strange has happened to me lately

 However,  its all good..

but its Really wierd...

I get 'messages'... well not so much 'messages' but I 'know' things before they happen...

In truth My Intuition kicks in....

I am Inspired to do something....

When my mother and I ring each other, shes in South Wales, UK and Im here in NZ.. I 'know' its her before I answer the phone and she Always says 'telepathy'....because shes been thinking about me....

Last night - the phone rang - the time she would normally ring, but I didn't get that 'intuition' that it was her..and sure enough it wasn't.... 

I shared on Facebook Yesterday....

There is No such thing as 'Coincidence' I have no doubt.... The other day I was woken up at 4am thinking about someone I had messaged... I was 'inspired/guided' to look at FB (yes at 4am in the morning !!) and sure enough - that person had messaged me back.... Today I was thinking about a video my friend Erica posted last year on Never Giving Up...Just now....she has posted that video again with no prompting from me. Know that Everything happens for a reason and if you are 'inspired'/guided' to do something - Do it... Its quite amazing, the more you are Open to this the more Amazing things happen... Everytime I ring my mother in the UK - she has just been thinking about me..and vice versa - Everytime...

So many people resonated with this - and it was shared by about 6 people !!

One of my Why's is to make a difference in other people's lives...

In whatever way they need it...

There is a 'Down Trodden' man who lives near me...

I've known him for years... he used to be afraid of my dog :) - he does a paper round, where he walks for miles in All weathers doing the papers and when he/s not doing that... he collects the trolleys at the local supermarket.... 

We live on top of a hill, I see him All the time, walking up and down the hills...

Well the other day as I was getting my dinner and doing some errands... I was about to get into my car and I saw him walking away from the super market holding four bags full of food.

Knowing he had a steep hill to climb...

I often want to give 'strangers' a lift... but something stops me and to be honest, when I saw this man... part of me said '

'what if he does something to you in the car'

to which I responded

'don't be so daft, hes harmless'...

and hes was.... we chatted in the car as he knew my dog and he knew where I lived... I dropped him outside his house with his 4 bags of heavy shopping and that was it...

So there you go - when you

are inspired to do something

 Do it 

It All Happens For a reason... 

Don't change your mind

Don't question it...

Just Do It.... 

Intuition comes knocking for a reason.....


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Its Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood

This hang out is entitled so, as it was inspired by a chat I had with a friend the other day...

They were telling me that they were being bullied at work....

It rang alarm bells...

As I was bullied both when I was a young girl and several years ago at work...

My friend then went onto say 'I didn't have a happy childhood' 

it may have even been

'I had a terrible childhood'

So I said to my friend 'Well you could share that' in a blog.....

We Inspire people, we Help people by sharing our stories.. and how we have come through them.....

To which my friend responded,

'I can't do that' 'It would hurt some people'

I totally understand that... however this is where my title comes in...

Its Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood, because its not - its never too late to laugh and have fun..... 

However I mean it slightly differently....

I mean that by 'reframing' our childhood - Seeing that what happened in our childhood/past makes us What We are today...

We have to thank people, be grateful for the 'challenges' we go through... because they make us what we are today... 

Its certainly the case with me 

I'm a single parent to two gorgeous adults..well the youngest turns 18 in a couple of weeks…

I've been through alot in my life...


being incredibly shy,

Zero confidence…


and ('whisper'- yes those things that People Never talk about!!)

miscarriage..!!! there said it !! :)

I share quite a lot of my stories…

in my blog and in videos…

We have to Let things go, 'reframe it'... forgive and forget and move on... Take the lessons from what we learnt and move on... just as Nelson Mandela said....



I’m very passionate on the bullying saga

which is far another hang out !

but I will just say here..that Bulles are not bad people – both the bully and victim needs Empowerment – suffice to say,

if you feel good you don’t put other people down

Our past doesn’t define us and in fact we learn from what we go through..

 ‘what happened to me has been the making of me…'

and so in all honesty I probably wouldn’t wish what I went through on anyone…. I wouldn’t have it any other way because I'm now a very strong empowered woman…

Don't get me wrong - I am not always this 'Strong Empowered/Confident woman' that people see - Sometimes I melt just like everyone else !! 

So have we actually got to Thank those people???

Well yes and No…

You can either ‘journal’ about it –

You can write a letter to the person – throw it in the fire

Saying Thank you for  - I forgive you…

Also in all honesty I do believe I know actually I’ve heard people say that they

think about someone they were mean to… so you could write a letter to someone

but ensure you say ‘Thank you for what you did, you’ve made me a better person

and I forgive you’..and who knows you may get a response

Or you can just journal it – get it all out what, they did you feel about it… get out

on paper and believe me you will feel sooo much better….

Its about appreciating that what you want through has made the better person you are today….

That you can look back on that time and think ‘Ok it wasn’t great at the time but look at what its done for me….

So I hope that helps you…

So here is the hang out I did about ALL the above and more.... 

Enjoy :)


So - if you are feeling 'I had such a bad time when I was young'... 

Turn It Around and Start Living Your Life

We Can't Change What happened to Us when we were younger

But We Can Chose How It Affects Us Now..

So Let it Empower You - 

You are YOU, the wonderful person you are now Because of what happened to you....

Embrace It - Thank God/The Universe for those Challenges

And Move Forward With Renewed Vigor 

I'm Going to Help Other People!

I'm Going To Empower Other People!

Right Now

if you'd like to help and empower others, and share your stories that you have got through, then please come join us....


PS Ill let you in to a Little Secret - I used to Hate my Laugh... Now I Love it..Because Its ME and I Accept Me... My Laugh IS ME... aside from my dad no one else Laughs LIke me.. (well maybe my daughter, but she'd never admit it!!

Learn to Love You For You !! :)

You can Live Your Dream…


You can Live Your Dream…

I have been listening to this Every day for the last x weeks...

I LOVE this I decided to Transcribe it.....

There is sooo much truth in these words...

We Doubt Ourselves every day, but listening to this video...

Every Day - has Lifted me When I have Really Needed it....

Enjoy and Watch This Every day... transcribe it if you have to....

I don’t know what that dream is that you have

I don’t care how disappointing it may 

have been as you work towards that dream

But that dream you hold in your mind  - that it’s possible

That some of you already know it’s hard, it’s not easy


It’s hard changing your life

That in the process of working on your dreams

you are going to incur a lot of

d i s a p p o i n t m e n t

A lot of failure

A lot of pain

Moments where you are going to doubt yourself

And you will ask God

‘why is this happening to me?

Im only trying to help my

Children, mother, I’m not trying to steal or rob from anyone why is this happening to me?'

Those of you who are experiencing some hardships

Don’t Give Up on your Dreams

Hardships have not come to stay, they have come to pass


‘Greatness is not this wonderful esoteric illusive god life feature that only the special amongst us will ever taste'

 Its something that truly exists in all of us

It’s very important for you to believe that YOU ARE The One

Most people raise a family earn a living and then they die


They stop growing, 

they stop working on themselves they stop stretching.

they stop pushing themselves

A lot of people like to complain

but they don’t want to do anything about their situation

Most people don’t work on their dreams,


One is because of fear, failure

What if Things Don’t Work Out'


And the fear of Success,

What If I do and I can’t handle it ?


These are not risk takers

You spend so much time with other people 

you spend so much time getting people to like you

You know other people more than you know yourself

You study them you know about them,

your going to hang out with them

You want to be just like them

And you know what you

You spend so much time with them you don’t even know yourself

I challenge you to spend time by yourself


Its necessary you get the losers out of your life

If you want to live your dream

People who are running towards their dream,

life has a special kind of meaning

When you become the Rightperson,

what you do is separate yourself form other people

You begin to have a certain type of uniqueness

As long as you are a copy cat you will

become the best copycat in the world

But you will be the best you can be…

You define your value

Everybody won’t see it

Everybody won’t join you

Everybody won’t see the vision

Its necessary to know that..

You are unstoppable

Remember That…

Its Necessary that you Align yourself with People and You Attract

People in to your business who are unstoppable

People who are unwilling to accept life as it is

And More Want…

The people who are living their dreams

The people who are living their dreams are the ones who know that if I’m to be successful its up to Me…


You don’t know have to go through life being a victim

Someone’s opinion of you does not have to be come your reality

Even if no one sees this for me, I see it for myself

No matter how bad it gets, Im going to make it

IF you want to be more successful, you have to invest in YOU

Someone’s opinion of you does not have to be become your reality

You don’t have to go through life being a victim…


This is what I believe

and I'm willing to Die for it Period

No Matter How Bad it is or how bad it gets,

I’m going to win!! I'm going to Make It


I want to represent A possibility, An Idea

Some of you want to go to the next level…

You can’t get to that level economically until you invest in your mind

You need to read books

Go to Conferences

I dare you to spend time alone getting to know yourself.

When you become who you are

When you become The person you are designed to be..

I challenge you to get to a level where people

Where people don’t even bother you anymore…

If you still talk about your dream, or about your goal

But you have not done anything?

Just take the first step

You can make your parents proud

You can make your school proud

The world will never be the same again

Because you came this way

Don’t let nobody steal your dreams

You have a rejection

Or you have a meeting and nobody shows up


No body believes in you,

You’ve lost again

The lights gone off

But you are still looking at your dream

And Say its Not Over

Until I WIN

You can Live Your Dream…


So what is Stopping you?

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